Personalised Coaching for In-House Teams, Agencies and Freelancers

Whether you run an in-house team, own a start-up as a solopreneur or run a business struggling with the modern world, it can be challenging. Sometimes, we all can benefit from an outside perspective. Some independent advice.

Am I making sound business decisions? Where should I be focusing my time and resources? How do others deal with these challenges? Is this the right direction to be moving in? When you are trying to bring about change it can be an overwhelming task.

Having an outside perspective helps. Somebody you can turn to and who has over two decades of experience behind him both in-house and externally. Somebody you can discuss these questions and concerns with.

Daniel has been a fantastic mentor. He’s full of energy and ideas and has been invaluable in navigating all aspects of leading a fast-moving, dynamic team.

Tan Li Ying

The Right Advice for You

We all find ourselves in different circumstances. That is why I offer four options supporting in-house teams and individuals.

Supporting In-House Teams

Leadership Team Mentorship

Do you run an in-house team, need some strategic planning advice or simply an outside perspective? I have worked with dozens of teams like yours. Let me help.

Chief Strategy Officer as a Service

Does your organisation need somebody with management experience in a senior position? Somebody who understands how to craft and implement the right business strategy to help galvanise the organisation. I can help.

Supporting Individuals

Business Strategic Direction Coaching

If you run a small company or are freelancing but want more, then this is the option for you. With 15 years of helping individuals and startups, I am perfectly positioned to help.

Personal Coaching

Feeling like you are stuck in a rut? Need to find your life purpose and intrinsic drive? Please hold yourself back any longer. Let me help.

Daniel's advice and support has been invaluable. His seemingly endless knowledge and years of corporate and startup experience mean he has been able to provide timely answers to specific issues in my business. My stress levels are down, my productivity is up, and I’m loving work again. As a company of one, finding someone I can talk openly to confirm if I’m on the right track has been liberating. Confidence is on the up, and imposter syndrome is decreasing. Working with Daniel has been a sound business decision and investment. If you’re on the fence, get off it. You won’t be disappointed.

Veronica Lee

Let's Start

If this sounds good, then get in touch. We can discuss the challenges you face, and the budget you have available and tailor the perfect approach for your situation.