Unlocking Your Hidden Business and Personal Potential 

Reaching the new generation of connected audiences doesn’t just happen. Organizations don’t adopt new processes without guidance or alignment. You need a strategy and a way to bring about organizational and personal change.

Without a strategy, your organisation could go the way of Blockbusters or Kodak. You could waste money like healthcare.gov who spent over $390 million on a website that failed at launch. You will lose trust and reputation among the new generation of digital-savvy users. You will become a legacy of the past.

How Can We Help?

Taking a “boots-on-the-ground” operator and strategic approach, over the years, we have helped many businesses formulate and implement their business strategies.

From financial institutions, mortgage brokerages, e-commerce to consumer service businesses, we have advised them all.

We can help you throughout the process of establishing your business strategy towards success.

Hear it from the Horses Mouth...


We have been blessed to have partnered and worked with amazing individuals and organizations.

Hear what they have to say…

    Working with Dan has been an eye-opening experience. His innate ability to quickly isolate the key issues and his unique perspectives has caused a paradigm shift in the way my company operates. I thank Daniel for the work he has done with us. Truly impactful work.

    Marcus Bogard

    Throughout the two years that we worked together, Dan has been an incredible mentor, and his exceptional coaching skills have shaped my professional growth. He tailored his feedback to match my strengths and weaknesses, and taught me how to use them to my advantage. Dan doesn't hesitate to initiate tough conversations when needed, and that transparency is very much appreciated — especially during the times when I've had trouble pushing myself to do my best. I'm grateful for his guidance, and I'm confident that he will continue to inspire and guide others as he has done for me.

    Chan Jia Yu

    Dan coached me for two years now and I have gained invaluable insights that I could not have found anywhere else. I would recommend Dan to anyone who wants to focus on personal growth.

    Philip Chen

    Daniel's contributions to our company have been invaluable. His ability to analyze complex financial data, identify investment opportunities, and develop effective strategies has been instrumental in building up our investment advisory department.

    One of Daniel's most commendable qualities is his unwavering commitment to his work. Daniel's leadership skills have also played a pivotal role in shaping our investment advisory team.

    Daniel's ability to communicate complex financial concepts clearly and concisely has been a valuable asset in client interactions. His excellent interpersonal skills and client-focused approach have contributed significantly to our client retention and satisfaction.

    Jonathan Yap

Some Companies We Have Worked With